Ayo2oonz!, is an artist, performer and writer based out of Chicago, Illinois. Creating a sound and lane based off the musical pot that is Chicago, he found love in music.  Fresh off of a debut single entitled “Blk Boi”, Ayo2oonz! has set sights on bringing a new vibe for this year’s next Ep. Through wordplay that keeps you finding new metaphors or meanings from multiple listens, to the catchy “Ayoooo!” chants you will hear at every show, 2oonz continues to grow. He’s currently working on a project entitled “Words of a Blk Boi” which he promises to bring a “Lakeshore Drive” vibe, with deep music, all while continuing to grow as an artist and performer. 


April 15th – ISPro Showcase

October 23rd – Windy Fest Chicago (Subterranean)

March 22rd – Livestream on Trubify

(Insomniac Studios)

August 18th – Music In The Woods Festival

(Des Plaines,IL)

ISPro SHOwcase