Frequently Asked Questions


What's included with my Recording Session?

A recording session is just that. Here we concentrate on properly recording vocals and/or instruments and provide a light mix. A light mix sounds good enough to play in the car on the way home from the studio but we don’t advise this to be the version you upload to streaming platforms. Please don’t think your favorite artists (or their engineers) spend 3 hours recording 3 songs and then upload them to Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, etc.

What's included with a Mixing Session?

Whether the song was recorded to a 2trk Beat (mp3/wav file instrumental) or to a Multitrack Beat (individual tracks for each sound in the beat), these sessions are where most songs get “made”. An engineer needs time to listen, and apply the necessary dynamic processing (equalization, reverb, delays), drops and editing tricks to give each song the life it deserves. They also need the room to try different things without being under the gun of providing a “finished” mix during the time of your recording session.

Do we offer Mastering services?

 Absolutely! Mastering takes place after and only after the artist has approved the final mix of their song. There is no “fixing it in the master”. If you don’t like or want to change something about your song the time to address it is in the mixing stage. A mastered song is only as good as the mix. If it’s just one song or an entire project this is the stage where your song gets polished so it is sonically comparable to other “similar” commercially released material. We also embed all of your metadata at this stage (artist’s name, producer’s name, artwork, etc).