Mykah Estelle

Emerging from the rich musical tapestry of Chicago’s Westside, Mykah Estelle creates soulful melodies that touch hearts. Her sound, deeply embedded in her city’s iconic musical history, is a harmonious tribute to legends like Donny Hathaway and Chaka Khan, yet carries a distinct echo of her own spirit. Her journey into music, beginning in a children’s choir at age seven and fostered by her saxophonist father, truly blossomed during times of personal loss.

Transforming her sorrow into strength, she found refuge in music, shaping it into a healing force. Under the nurturing guidance of mentor Marlon “Solitaire” King at Insomniac Studios, Estelle’s songwriting embraces her emotions, intuitively guiding her lyrics. Mykah Estelle, a beacon of resilience and passion, beautifully exemplifies the transformative power of music, her poignant journey a testament to the healing capacity of self-expression.


April 15th – ISPro Showcase

October 23rd – Windy Fest Chicago (Subterranean)

Feburary 25th РCompto Gala 

(Dusable Museum)

May 31st РEyes Wide Ears Wider 


ISPro SHOwcase