Rockboy Bam

Rockboy BAM is a multifaceted Chicago-based artist, mastering rapping and writing. His passion for music was born amidst adversity, including the early loss of his father. Influences span multiple genres, from Ice Cube to Quincy Jones, shaping his unique sound. He debuted with ‘BAM Necessary’ and ‘BAM Masiana’ in 2018, took a brief break, but remains relentless, hinting at new projects while dropping singles. “Patience” being one of his recent standouts (link below). Also a model and actor, Rockboy BAM’s talents are as varied as his influences. His journey symbolizes resilience, self-belief, and dedication, with music providing a crucial lifeline.


-March 22, 2023• Live stream on Trubify• Blue Island, Il

-April 22, 2023• Hip hop culture spring fest• Chicago, Il

-May 5, 2023• Meow Lounge• Las Vegas, NV

-June 7, 2023• Backwoods & Bonfires• Chicago, Il

-June 17, 2023• Unity Open Mic Night (Harold’s Chicken #88 Meets Beer) Chicago, Illinois

Chi Native Nights


Music In The Woods